The Trials and Tribulations of Having a Vagina Whilst Simultaneously Attempting to Work in Music.....

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Being a girl in the music industry is hard. Being a girl that has done porn and is now in the music industry? Even harder. The rejection, preconceived opinions and complete and utter dismissal at some points is heartbreaking at best. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I am the greatest songwriter or producer of all time. Or even that I am particularly special, but I do write and produce my own music, sing on the tracks and write the lyrics. However, my work is dismissed purely based on the harsh fact that I’m a moderately attractive girl with a background in adult film, a lot of the time before I have even had the chance to present any music.

And it is not just me, huge names that have done their time in the industry, still feel they have to prove themselves time and time again. Women have to work doubly as hard as men to be heard, to earn their spot and to PROVE they are worthy of the recognition that comes so quickly and easily for our male counterparts. The misconception that women don’t produce their own music (we all have ghost producers that we either fuck or pay to write our music so we can claim it as our own) is one that deeply saddens and offends me. When did our gender mean we are less musically inclined? Less hard working? Less talented?

Whether it is malicious, off-hand or jokingly, the number of times I have heard men say “She only got the deal because she fucked someone,” without even thinking, without knowing any facts. An assumption said out loud that is incredibly damaging to the female in questions career and reputation, and to all females that dare step into the jungle that is "music."