SISTER mix for Feb

SO… it’s the last day of the month, it’s snowing pretty hardcore here in London and I am going to share with you my February mix, it is pretty special, it’s probably one of my favourite mixes I’ve ever done and it’s for the legendary Carly Wilford and her SISTER collective. Usually when I’m asked to do a mix, I stress about it endlessly, I end up doing what I think someone wants to hear  rather then what I would play if someone gave me free reign. I did my usual stressing, then I realised I had to just be me, fuck what I think people want to hear, this is the music I love, the music I play, this mix is probably the best representation of one of my sets I think I have ever done. It is a journey through Dubstep, hip hop, grime and trap. It is a seamless genre stepper, if I do say so myself. 


There’s a lot of new, some big names, some not so big, some soundcloud discoveries and some old school favourites (Hi, Culprate Passenger remix, I love you)


Usually when I do mixes they are around 25 minutes long, largely because I have the attention span of a flea and also because I will build a huge playlist and very quickly eliminate over half of it. I also mix fast, I don’t like to let songs linger in a mix, much like I wouldn’t live. I want to hold interest. This mix I have let some songs linger longer than others but my chop changy style, familiar build ups to new drops, is still very much there throughout the 40 minutes. 


This was an important thing for me, Carly is an inspiration, a DJ and presenter on an international level, just returned from touring with OWSLA (the dream) electric blue hair and a sultry cool about her, I first heard of her through Napgirls, an all girl organisation working to bring equality and empowerment to women in the electronic music scene.


We NEED more women like Carly, her radio shows are broadcast worldwide including on Kiss FM Australia, Dash US and Data Transmission. I am honoured and humbled that she asked me to mix for her. 


Ok so my NEW track of the month has got to be Mat Zo, Kill The Noise and Big Gigantic Featuring Jennifer Harstwick, which is the second track in the mix. It is epic in every sense of the word, but my all time favourite from this mix has to go to Loadstar - Passenger the Culprate Remix, I STILL get chills when I hear this. Culprate is a pure genius. 


Here it is, 40 minutes of hard, in your face, BASS…..

The Trials and Tribulations of Having a Vagina Whilst Simultaneously Attempting to Work in Music.....

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 16.40.24.png

Being a girl in the music industry is hard. Being a girl that has done porn and is now in the music industry? Even harder. The rejection, preconceived opinions and complete and utter dismissal at some points is heartbreaking at best. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I am the greatest songwriter or producer of all time. Or even that I am particularly special, but I do write and produce my own music, sing on the tracks and write the lyrics. However, my work is dismissed purely based on the harsh fact that I’m a moderately attractive girl with a background in adult film, a lot of the time before I have even had the chance to present any music.

And it is not just me, huge names that have done their time in the industry, still feel they have to prove themselves time and time again. Women have to work doubly as hard as men to be heard, to earn their spot and to PROVE they are worthy of the recognition that comes so quickly and easily for our male counterparts. The misconception that women don’t produce their own music (we all have ghost producers that we either fuck or pay to write our music so we can claim it as our own) is one that deeply saddens and offends me. When did our gender mean we are less musically inclined? Less hard working? Less talented?

Whether it is malicious, off-hand or jokingly, the number of times I have heard men say “She only got the deal because she fucked someone,” without even thinking, without knowing any facts. An assumption said out loud that is incredibly damaging to the female in questions career and reputation, and to all females that dare step into the jungle that is "music."


Ok... so as most of you guys will know, my first single 'Again' featuring Banditsu was released on October 5th, just before my birthday as I desired. I have been so busy since then I haven't actually had a chance to post about it on here!!

'Again' was a labour of love, it was the first thing I have ever produced, written and sung on. I wrote it back in February of this year (the music industry is long, that I have learnt) since then I have written much more and improved/changed my style etc. One thing I decided a while ago, after being told 'play house it's what is popular, you'll dj every night' or 'make music that is popular in the UK' I can't do it, I have to make music that is in my head and my heart, that way, if t sucks, if no one likes it, atlas I can say I stayed true to what I wanted to do. 

This song has caused me numerous sleepless nights, I have cried, I have reworked it, it has been mixed and mastered about 30 times by me, my partner and a friend. Thank you to my love for giving me the strength to finish this and put it out, to Nathan Hoy for helping with the release and loving pugs as much as I do, to Banditsu for believing in me enough to gumption my first ever release and to Ruby London for the the 100 versions of the artwork with different coloured trainers....

So here it is, if you would do me the huge honour of downloading or streaming this track, or just sharing it on your social media, it would mean everything to me. More to come... hopefully sooner rather than later... 




Tough Mudder

Yesterday I put my body through the extreme and finally did Tough Mudder. Today I am paying for it like a mudder fucker. I loved it though and I'm trying to convince my other half and my brothers to run it with me next summer!


Thank you to Merrell for giving me my shoes to run in, Lucozade sport and Our Parks for letting me be involved in their team this summer at the Tough Mudder events and everyone at Tough Mudder HQ for being so cool and fun!


If you want the perfect clothes to run your race in, I recommend Merrell. ESPECIALLY the shoes, I didn't fall over once, which is less than I can say for my fellow team mates.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 20.28.08.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 20.28.13.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 20.28.17.png

Goodbye 2016! Have a New Year mini mix!

The New Year is almost upon us! And I for one am thankful as fuck to say goodbye to this hideous years. Between all the turbulent bullshit going on in the world and the deaths of some of my heroes, this year has sped past at an alarming rate, dropping stink bombs as it goes. However, I have had some highs. 


As I sit writing this I am by the pool in Bali with the love of my life, listening to the crickets as the sun sets. When the world is collapsing around us it is important to count our own personal blessings. 2016 has taken me all over the globe including Norway, China, Bali, Iceland, San Fran, LA, Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stuttgart, Normandy and Budapest. I played my first international DJ shows, campaigned with Peta, got a new puppy (Frankie the English Bull Terrier) moved to our East London home, trained and passed my exams to become a Yoga instructor, Hard in Love was released and received numerous nominations as well as winning best film at the Paul Raymond awards. I would like to thank the Shaftas, the Paul Raymond Awards, Xbiz and AVN for all my nominations this years. Especially Xbiz for my best Foreign female and Best Actress nominations and AVN for my best foreign female, best mainstream star, best actress, best foreign scene and best foreign feature…

Thank you to my family and friends for another year of putting up with me, especially my angel, who I wouldn't know what to do without. 

To bring in the new year I have done you guys a little New Years mix, vining from my week in the sun, here are some of my favourite tracks from this year. 


Play this and don’t forget to kiss the one you love at midnight (or the one you want to drunkenly bone) 


Happy New Year. See you on the other side.


New music in the works...

Ok, so it's been a long time coming but my creativity is bubbling for the first time in ages! I've had intense musical writers block this year which has resulted in a lot of start and scrap projects and ideas. The new and fabulous magic we have been working on has the gritty dark edge that will remind you of home (if you happen to live in London) or will make you feel just a little uneasy (in a good way) if you don't happen to live here. I am also singing, which I haven't done on my own projects for far too long. 

For those of you that don't follow my arduous snapchat story (which generally consists of my dogs, me annoying Tony with a filter, or my laptop screen displaying snippets of whatever ableton project I happen to be farting around with at that particular moment) anyway, for those that don't, we recently moved to East London, the most incredible place for anyone that wants to create.... or spend every single day in tiny pretentious independent cafes drinking almond milk lattes (I do this)

I love that I can wake up in the morning and take my dogs out to a cafe where I can sit on my laptop and work on my writing or my music. Oh, that's right I'm also writing a very special book... but more on that later... If you want to read my pieces for Jerrick Media the tabs are available to your left entitled 'filthy' 'longevity' and 'geeks'... 

Alternatively, you can click my music tab or my mix cloud tab for your fill of my mixes and sets until some time in the very close future when there will be some brand new music for you guys. 

Stay tuned....