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Munitio Mix

If you guys haven't already, please head over to Soundcloud.com/Samantha-bentley And check out the 25 minute mix I did for Munitio headphones!     Track list : Double 99 - Rip Groove Michael Woods - [...]

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Monkeys on Mars – A Giant Leap Backwards for Mankind

Last month I had the honour of being asked to be pet of a Peta campaign. Being a huge animal lover and vegan, I instantly jumped at the opportunity! Peta explained to me that the [...]

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Samantha Bentley 066

Photography by Richard Avery.

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Samantha Bentley s027

Photography by Neil Tucker.

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Samantha Bentley 065

Photography by Richard Avery.

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Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas and thank you 2015, for blowing my mind.... I started 2015 in style, dressed in a black corset and stockings, drinking absinthe in Amsterdam with the most beautiful boy in the world! And [...]

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Samantha Bentley s026

Photography by Neil Tucker.

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Shut Up Bentley!_e20

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