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Hello everyone and welcome to my official internet home, While we would all like to write our own reviews, not many of us get the chance, so I am going to take full advantage, this is the best place on the internet. Come inside and listen to my tunes, read my thoughts, look at the many pictures of me and keep up to date with my appearances and DJ show dates. Best of all? It’s all free. XO


Samantha Bentley s031

Photography by Alex Charilaou.

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Samantha Bentley s030

Photography by Alex Charilaou.

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My Top 5 Female DJ’s

I've wanted to give a shoutout to these ladies for a while. They are the coolest, most inspiring girls I either know or know of.... So here they are! 5. Anna Lunoe - I'm gonna [...]

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Samantha Bentley s029

Photography by Gavin Glave.

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SB 2.0

I'm a little late posting this on here, I give myself a slap on the wrist! But go check out my latest mix! It's dirty! I'm currently finishing up a 1 hour dub and trap [...]

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Samantha Bentley 067

Photography by Richard Avery.

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Shut Up Bentley!_e20

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