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UK Awards Season is Here Again!!

Halloo everyone,

I know I do this every year, but it honestly means so much to me that any of you follow me at all, I would love to win Female Performer of the Year at […]

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Samantha Bentley 060

Photography byΒ Richard Avery.

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Sexual Etiquette_Part 1 – THE DICK PIC

Ok. This will be the first in a series of blogs I am going to write to teach what I PERSONALLY believe to be the correct sexual etiquette. As anyone that follows me on Twitter […]

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Jordan Green

I recently shot with East London based, but plane hopping, photographer Jordan Green. We managed to slot into each other’s schedule for a few hours thanks to a friend of his lending us her apartment, […]

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Total Uprawr! Fuck yes!!

Ok. Ok wow. Where do I even begin?? I just had one of the best Saturday nights of my entire life. Holy fuck. Total Uprawr celebrated 5 years in Birmingham and had me DJ along […]

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Samantha Bentley 059

Photography byΒ Richard Avery.

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Total Uprawr this Saturday??

Hey everyone! Β If you’re in or around Birmingham this Saturday I will be DJing at Total Uprawrs 5th birthday! Β Come down and have a dance and a drink!!

There will also be a chance to win […]

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Massive Update!

Hey guys! I just realised its been ten million years since I updated my blog. I’m awful and I am sorry, but I’ve been super busy doing lots of cool things for everyone!

So I’m going […]

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