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Help Me!

Guys and girls, as your probably know too well by now, award season is always just around the corner.  As a result, I spend a large portion of my time begging for votes.  Last […]

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Just A Reminder…

Here are 5 links you might to clickety click if you love me…

BadBentley.com – Oh shit, you’re already here! My bad. Well, just make sure you keep clicking all day everyday… good shit goes […]

BIG Summer News!

JULILAND NEWS: We have lots of news this month in the Juliland Universe.  I want to fill you in and let you know about all the coming changes.  They’re all good changes I promise.
Starting […]

A Whole Load of Devotion for No Devotion

Live music makes me emotional, it always has done, but with a band like ‘No Devotion’ it’s hard not to get emotional. For those of you that don’t know the back story, here is […]