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The Infamous ‘NO’ List…

I’m not one to complain. Much. Except for all the time everyday. With that in mind, I’m aware this complaint may fall among the others and go unnoticed which is why I wanted to give […]

Manuel Fucking Ferrara, Finally.

I swear to god, I have never been fucked so well in my entire LIFE! Manuel has been on my wish list of performers/directors since I first started in porn and yesterday I finally had […]

In Summary…

So it’s 5.17am and Misha and I just got back from a night out at Insomnia with John Stagliano. Misha is passed out and I can’t sleep for one reason or another, so I thought […]


Ok! I’m on my way to Berlin! Sat in traffic in London as usual. Fuck you London, fuck you. But I’m super excited that I will be at the Venus Show in Berlin 16-19 with […]

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