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Samantha Bentley s021

Photography by Jim Collins.

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Samantha Bentley s020

Photography by Jim Collins.

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As anyone that follows me on social media will already know, I am August 2015 Penthouse Pet of the month! My issue is the 9th annual Badass issue and I share it with July Pet […]

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Samantha Bentley 061

Photography by Richard Avery.

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BIG NEWS: SeedAndSpark.com

BIG NEWS:  I’m very excited to announce our SeedAndSpark.com campaign for our documentary Greatest Hits.  What is this?  This is our Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to make this happen.  Please go to SeedAndSpark.com […]

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Home Sweet Home

As anyone that follows me on social media will know, I recently bought my first house. I am so in love with it! So to celebrate, here is a nice little photo set direct from […]

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BIG NEWS: Greatest Hits

BIG NEWS:  We are very excited to announce that our fearless leader, Richard Avery, has joined in on a very cool project.  He is Producing his first Documentary.  Lets just say he’s helping out where […]

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UK Awards Season is Here Again!!

Halloo everyone,

I know I do this every year, but it honestly means so much to me that any of you follow me at all, I would love to win Female Performer of the Year at […]

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Shut Up Bentley!_e20

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Shut Up Bentley!_e19

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Shut Up Bentley!_e18

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